SLAPPING my balls

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two chicks, your dick. that sums up your naughty america vr experience today! the one thing to add is that blonde bombshells She and She are leading the threesome charge to electrify your mind, balls and soul. ımagine yourself outdoors, relaxing in the cabana near the barbecue, with these two bikinied beauties at the edge of the pool, exhibiting their raging libidos. ın a split second they’re all over you, pulling your big dick out of your shorts and teasing you: She with her beautiful big tits in your face; She with her beautiful big ass up in the air, ready for you to spank. one sucks your cock while the other rolls your balls around in her mouth, and then they take turns sitting on your dick and bouncing their troubles away. head inside for more play and you’ll find yourself balls-deep, one up at a time, one with her legs up in the air and the other getting her pussy munched on until it’s time to switch. life is good!



ball gag

a high-fetish gag, which usually consists of a red ball on a black leather strap. keeps the mouth open. ıt is safer than most gags since there is little danger of choking or air blockage.

ball stretching

wrapping the scrotum with some kind of leather strap tightly and pulling down with increasing pressure.

SLAPPING my nutts
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