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Shane Blair is constantly in trouble with her stepdad Charles Dera, but today stuff are going to escalate to a whole new level. Shane Blair may thing she's being sneaky as she makes her way to Charles's liquor cabinet, but Charles knows exactly what his troublemaker stepdaughter is up to. Bending Shane Blair over his knee, he spanks her till her arse is red. Her laughter only enrages Charles more, so he tells her that only nymphos drink alcohol and if Shane Blair wants to act love that then she can suck daddy's prick love a slut.


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Shane Blair

If you couldn't tell just by looking at her rock hard abs and toned thighs, Shane Blair is super into fitness. Not only is she concerned with her own health and wellness, this stunning brunette helps her pornstar friends stay fit and ready to fuck. When she isn't working her sweet teen pussy on the XXX screen, Shane designs personalized nutrition programs, keeping the world in peek physical condition one body at a time. Not only is she fly as hell, but being this athletic has given this tantalizing teen the kind of sexual stamina other starlets can only dream of. When it comes to delivering frame after frame of high energy footage, Shane can go on for days! So if you're into tight-ass vixens who can fuck like champions, then this fiery sweetheart will definitely get your mojo going!


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