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Sadie Pop’s amigo isn’t house, but her friend’s brother He is! It’s a pleasant surprise for Sadie Pop, because she’s been dying to get into He’s pants for a long, long time. He happens to be fixing the exicitng tub for a soak outside when she arrives, and nobody else is home, which gives Sadie Pop an idea: it’s bang time! She invites herself into the sexy tub while he’s wrenching on it, but when he sluts at her —oops!, here goes her great, titties out. Dumbfounded, He tries to quiet and cover his sister’s loud, cute friend, but her clothes keep coming off! In attempt to shut her up, he carries the stripped brownhaired into the home and decides his only salvation is just what she wants: sex! With a oversized dick down her throat, Sadie Pop’s giving spirit shines through.


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