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Ryan is going to leave to take care of some business and wants his mate He to give his babe a letter when she gets here because he doesn't want to be the person to do it. She cums over to the home looking for the letter and He asks her if she knew about the new dating site he's been using. She denies knowing about it until He finds not single picture but, five of them on the site. She breaks down and pleads to He not tell to her lover Ryan because he would be devastated and she was just looking for "friends". He is reluctant not to say anything because Ryan is his great friend and roommate, till She starts massaging on his prick and asking if here is anything she can do to keep his mouth shut. Once She starts cute talking He's penis he forgets that he ever found her on the site and when She reads the letter after the deed is done, she realizes it was all for nothing!


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