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There's just something special about an all natural black honey with large thick blower's lips! Aryanna July Jones has a nice set of natural tits, naïve eyes love the sweety next door and a wide open throat enjoy any fine slut. Half the pleasure of fucking a honey with your monster dick is seeing her reaction to it when she first gets a good look. Aryanna genuinely isn't sure she can handle the whole thing, but once she was reassured that we entire wanted to see her try – seeing her struggle to get all the way down on this massive prick was a TRUE porn joy. In moment she'll become more jaded and get used to handling fat dick, but for now, while it's still new and new to her – we filmed it and captured the competition in her mind between her thirst for cum and her desire to maintain her innocence when confronted with the biggest prick she had ever seen!



1. Sexual pictures, movies, etc. that show genitals, especially an erect penis, and often include penetration. Opposite of SOFTCORE. 2. Intense or dangerous sexual activity.

Oral Sex

A sex act where the mouth of one person is placed on the genitals of another. See also FELLATIO (oral sex performed on a man) and CUNNILINGUS (oral sex performed on a woman). | | | | | | |


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