Condom masturbation

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She is taking signatures to help fight measure b in los angeles county, a measure aiming at forcing the usage of condoms in porn. she stops by a random man’s house to ask him for his help in opposing the awful measure, and he’s appalled that anyone would want to see condoms in pornography. but rather than just take his john hancock on her clipboard, the busty cougar takes his big cock in her mouth and in between her big tits before showing him how much her hot pussy doesn’t want to be fucked by a dick with a condom on it!




a sheath placed over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of disease by forming a barrier and capturing the semen. condoms are usually made of latex but sometimes are made of polyurethane or animal skin.

masturbation, masturbate

relating to or similar to masturbatıon.

mutual masturbation

masturbating in close proximity to someone else or using the hand to fondle another person’s genitals.

Condom solo
masturbation, condom

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