client comes First! #1 – Location Bakery

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a pair of big tits and a sexy accent can push the sex bomb quotient of any girl up at least 5 points. She has both – 32 e boobs and a posh english accent that will kick your libido into overdrive. She has boobs so big that she can suck her own nipples, but once our guy enters the room, it’s not her nipples that she wants to suck. she devours his cock with her mouth and slowly jacks his cock in the deep valley of her breasts. She’ curvaceous body was made to devour cocks — full lips for sucking, big boobs for tit-fucking, and a deep pussy for sinking a cock inside. she fucks our guy so hard that her tits jiggle and that brown booty bounces like a basketball. our guy spreads his seed all over her tits and leaves her with a cleavage creampie.mmmm…ı can’t wait to taste this yummy british tart!**monique**



one-eyed cyclops, on-eyed willie

(french) the head of the penis.

brown eye

a slang term for the anus or asshole.

brown bag

when a girl has a great body and an ugly face. put a brown bag on her head before sex. also see butterface.


ejaculate, semen, sperm, jizz, goo

cum shot

ejaculation of a male actor’s semen particularly in reference to a scene in a movie. aka money shot

customer comes First! #1 – Location Bakery
big-boobs, anime, public, outside, point-of-view, customer-cums-first, paizuri, boob-job, visual-novel, voice-acting, brown-hair, adultery, hard-nips, cleavage, purple-eyes, kanae
Big Tits,

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