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Kate England

It may be a little funny to learn that Kate England is from England at all. She was actually born on January 1st, 1993 in the very American State of Pennsylvania. When she was little she moved down with her family to Florida where she completed high school. At the age of 21 she decided she wanted to start making adult films. And it was good for us that she did. She is a main blond woman with gentle blue eyes. She's about 5 ft 5 in and only weighs 110 lb. But she does have a great rack as her cup sizes a b and her measurements are 36B-26-32. In 2016, she was nominated for over 15 different adult film Awards and she even won the award for Best Vocals. She's still active in the adult professional world and she has already performed in over 300 films and scenes.

Danny D

This successful and talented actor hails from Britain, where he has been kicking up a storm with stellar performances across the UK. His performances have not only been with the very best names and top brands in the industry, but have resulted in internationally renowned nominations and awards. His nomination for Best Foreign Male Performer with AVN was only topped by winning Best Male Performer in the UK version of the Adult Grammy Awards, the Shaftas. His ability to act transcends his preferred genre, and he has also had appearances on BBC comedy series. Danny is not only a highly sought performer. His unusually large and endlessly attentive physical attributes are jaw dropping and quite a rare find.


ATM (Ass To Mouth)

The man pulls his cock out of her ass and inserts it directly into her mouth without stopping to clean it off.

Butt Fucking

the act of inserting a penis into the anus. anal sex, greek sex, getting fucked in the ass.

Dirty Sanchez

After anal sex, wiping off the dirty penis or hand on the person’s upper lip, to simulate a moustache.

Face Painting

When a man ejaculates on someone’s face. | | | | | | |


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