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She is on special assignment that week, reporting for office at the brand new food truck "Don’t Go Bacon’ mia Heart." Her job is simple really: dealing with a bunch of entire organic foodie wankers while simultaneously wanking He. Everything is fair-trade and fresh there in She’s food truck, and she’s here to show she has no problem mixing some business with fun. So when the food truck is a rockin’, it might just be because this sneaky slut is getting her vulva pounded inside by He’s girthy slab.


Butt Fucking

the act of inserting a penis into the anus. anal sex, greek sex, getting fucked in the ass.

Finger Fucking

To insert a finger into the vaginal or anal orifice of a person and motion the finger back and forth for sexual arousal to the partner.


To have sexual intercourse. Also used to describe penetrative activities other than penis/vagina intercourse, (e.g., finger-fuck, tit-fuck.)


When three people have sex at once. See menage a trois | | | | | | |


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