Ai Shoujo Ai 少女 Ai chick Character Creation 1 section 2

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ın a white top and a short and tight skirt, She kamijou cooks and cleans. she pays the visit of a neighbor who gives her a package that came in the mail. She invites the man in her home and offers him a tea. this man is very curious about this package because it’s heavy. after opening, these two see that is a sex toy that She ordered. the neighbour proposes her to enjoy his cock instead of this toy. he starts kissing She and touching her boobs over the lace top. she has her dark, hairy pussy rubbed and fingered while she strokes the man’s cock. down on her knees, She sucks this dick with a lot of desire! she licks it all and sucks it again while looking into the dude’s eyes. he is so anxious to lick She’s pussy and she sits in a 69 position. this woman continues to suck the tool while her cunt is licked and fucked with this man’s tongue. with her ass up in the air, She rubs the cock while sucking it more and more. she gets a huge fucking of her vagina in different positions. missionary, doggy, from one side, this slutty wife is drilled deep and she loves it. her nipples are sucked for even more pleasure. both She and the dude keep on saying how good they feel screwing like that! the faster She is fucked, the faster her boobs are shaking. she gets cum in her fish taco!




boy love.

body bag

bondage item consisting in a long bag, used to enclose the slave for a prolonged period of time, for bondage alone of used as sensory deprivation.

body ınflation

a fetish for sudden growth of particular body parts, like nose growth.

Ai Shoujo Ai 少女 Ai sweetie Character Creation 1 part 2
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