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PAWG has a great update for you. Today we have the always attractive Allie Haze showing us what she got. this sweety is so desirable. cute face, nice tits and an arse for a white-girl. The total package I tell you! Mike thought so as good. He had to taste this lovely arse of hers. Mike suck that from front to back then banged her well. Allie Haze's vulva had Mike on cloud nine. Enjoy1


Allie Haze

Allie haze is a leggy Caucasian woman who stands at 5' 7" and is about 125 pounds. Because she is Caucasian, she has traced her bloodline and discovered that one of her parents is descended from Dutch immigrants. She has brown hair and beautiful Hazel eyes. Allie was born in the United States on May 10th, 1987. All in all, Allie is a healthy woman and her measurements are 32A-25-36. Her cup size is a B and they are all-natural. She started in the adult film industry in 2009 and by 2011 she signed a very lucrative contract with adult studio Vivid. In the same year she won two awards at the AVN awards. One of the awards was for Most Outrageous Sex Scene and other was for Best New Starlet. She doesn't always perform in the adult industry under the name Ali. Occasionally, she performs under the pseudonym Brittany Joy.


Asian Cowgirl

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